Benefits Of Using The Best Router Table

Any woodworker knows the advantages and conveniences associated with using a router table. A router table relieves hands the difficulty involved in holding a router for long hours. Most router tables today have advanced features and accessories needed for precise and quality cutting. This article shares some significant benefits that come with using a router table.

Precision and speed


One of the major benefits that come with using a router table is better efficiency. The quality of work produced by a router mounted on a table top is worlds apart from that generated from a hand held router. As much as the quality of work produced by a hand held router depends on the experience, a good router table gives you an assurance of having consistent results. Moreover, a router table does not require lots of pressure compared to a hand-held router. This has the effect of improving your productivity and providing consistent results.

Good for making complex cuts

Hand held routers are meant for straight cuttings. Making complex cuttings require a fixed route. As such, having a fixed router gives you the opportunity to adjust the piece of wood to your liking without adjusting the router. If you are working in irregular shapes, most router tables have special slots that act as wood markers. This special pins can help you use these pins to customize the table surface accordingly.

Better control over the depth of cut

Using a router table provides you with a fixed and conveniently placed cutting bit. The convenience that comes with using router tables makes choosing and modifying your cuts on a given surface easy. Moreover, you do not have to worry about things like lack of precision or even having jagged edges. Router tables are ideal for users tasked with dealing with complex cuts or those that have little woodworking experience.

It is easy to maintain a router table

DDsdszdcfMaintaining a router table is simple considering that the saw dust that gets into the router is left on the table. To remove the saw dust from the router table is best done by vacuuming the entire unit. When it comes to matters safety, stationary cuttings tend to be safer than hand-held units. Besides, a fixed unit does not pose the danger of having an open bit.

As much as benefits of using a router table might be many, they can only be realized after having the right unit. As such, always look at router table reviews and choose the best unit based on your unique preferences.…