Various Parts Of A Car You Should Understand

People use cars on a daily basis to facilitate various activities like going to work, shopping and adventures just to mention but a few. Unfortunately, not many people understand much about them as they should. It is highly recommended that car users understand basic parts of a car and how they operate so as to identify when there is a problem. This article will highlight common parts of a car which any vehicle user should know.

Parts of a car you should know

Car battery

Whenever people want to start a car, the battery plays a big role in this. It is the main source of power for the car. Nowadays, cars come with power windows, lock systems, and many other electronically operated capabilities, all of which need the source of power. Investing in the best car battery will save you numerous problems related to a car failure.



A radiator plays a great role in ensuring that the car engine does not overheat and burst into pieces. An always clean radiator full of the coolants is the best and ensures that hot air is cooled before it goes back to the engine. It is highly advisable to check for leakage which can bring problems if one does not notice. An addition of coolant after sealing is necessary to bring it to normal levels.

Normal and spare tires

One of the traffic offense in many states is to drive a car with worn out tires. Furthermore, it is a great risk to your life as they can be a cause of an accident. Therefore, it is always good to drive a with functional tires. The spare tire is crucial and should be ready for use in case of any accident that will need a change. If one goes flat, then it should be repaired immediately after replacing it.

Tool box

You may not have a full mechanical tool box lying in your car, but the basics ones are necessary. A car jack, wheel spanner, regular spanners, and pliers may be some tools you don’t want to leave behind any time you are driving your car. These tools are used to fix small DIY repairs like changing a tire, fixing a loose battery or tightening a loose nut.


As the car user, you must always trust the brakes you use. Therefore, one will need to have them checked regularly for worn out brake pads or any other part. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have them replaced completely to guarantee your safety.…